Invest in Thai gold?

Thai people really love its Thai gold! But for many Thai people, Thai gold is more then just something you wear to show off, it is a security. Thai people can buy Thai gold, both because the Thai gold prices can go up and down but it is also something they can sell or pawn if times gets difficult. Anyone who ever traveled to Thailand has seen a gold shop, there you can buy your next set of jewelry but you can also pawn your jewelry for X amount of time and get cash. For an example, if you pawn a 2 Baht Thai gold bracelet, worth about 39 500 Baht, you might be able to borrow 36 000 Baht for that gold shop. You then pay interest every month on that loan and when you want to get your 2 Baht Thai gold bracelet back, you have to pay back to 36 000 Baht to the gold shop.